UberPOOL vs. Lyft Line - Which Service Is Better?

The competition regarding UberPOOL and Lyft Line is ongoing and indecisive. Both companies provide a rideshare feature that each have positives and negatives. Though both features and apps are so similar, UberPOOL and Lyft Line vary mainly in their pricing, how they disclose their costs and how many people are allowed in a car during a rideshare. Whatever the variance between the two apps, the rideshare features that both app uses is more cost effective than taking a regular Uber ride or a regular Lyft ride, even during PrimeTime/surge hours, simply because the cost is being shared.

According to Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber, UberPOOL (as well as Lyft Line) are the future of transportation, because they will cut down on traffic and CO2 emissions. The contributions drivers and riders will be making to economic and environmental aspects are definitely a bonus.


Lyft Line is generally more transparent in their cost. Before a rider even requests a Line, the price is set, entered into the app and and ready to be seen by the rider. Regardless of any other factors including traffic or number of riders, this cost is the guaranteed cost of the trip.

With UberPOOL, however, only offers an estimate cost. This estimate means that the price given to riders before their UberPOOL is not always the final price; it is merely an approximate range. Riders do not receive their final price until the end of the ride. This part of the feature can be frustrating for riders, especially in comparison to Lyft Line’s transparent cost.

Number of Riders

UberPOOL restricts the number of people that can use a ride only to the user requesting the ride. Lyft, however, allows two passengers per Lyft Line requests.

Although some differences are present, some variables differ due to a rider’s region. Even though it seems that Lyft Line is sometimes less pricey, UberPOOL could be 25-35% cheaper in another area. It all depends on the city, time of day and the demand for drivers.

Most importantly, it is crucial to try out both Lyft Line and UberPOOL for yourself. Both features have positive and negative aspects, but in the end, they are more about personal preference.

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