Uber Commute


What is Uber COMMUTE?

Uber Commute is a new low-cost commuting feature that’s being tested in select cities, such as Chicago and Toronto.

Although the Toronto Commute Pilot recently ended (Summer 2016), Uber is expected to expand the service to new cities in 2017.

Uber referral code Uber CommuteHow does Uber Commute work?

Uber Commute pairs up a driver with commuters who are all going in the same direction, and reimburses drivers for carrying passengers. Essentially, the service is similar in nature to Uber’s highly-successful carpooling service UberPOOL.

How much does money does UberPOOL save?

The costs & savings of UberCommute are different, depending on the city.

In Chicago, Uber COMMUTE drivers will be reimbursed $0.54 per mile driven when your vehicle is shared with a commuter. Over 20 miles, this equates to $10. Uber calculates a year of operating as a COMMUTE driver to saving, on average, $5000.

When is Uber Commute available? 

In Chicago, Uber Commute is available 5am – 10pm Monday through Friday.

How does a driver sign up with UberCommute?

There are six simple steps an applicant must follow to become an UberCommute driver:

  1. Sign up with Uber.
  2. Download the Uber Driver-Partner App.
  3. Select your final destination for your daily commute.

4.   Pick up a nearby commuter who is heading in the same direction as your final destination.

5.   Follow the App’s selected route to drop the commuter off.

6.   Finally, get reimbursed for shared miles driven and trips completed!

What are the requirements for being an UberCOMMUTE driver in the Chicago area?

To be an UberCOMMUTE driver in Chicago, Illinois, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Possess a 4-door vehicle in good condition (year 2001 or newer)
  • Possess a clean driving record
  • Own an Android Phone (2013 or newer)
  • OR
  • Own an iPhone 4s (or newer)

Are drivers allowed to bring friends in their UberCommute Vehicle?

Yes. Although there must always be room for two additional commuters, drivers are able to bring friends in their vehicle during their trip.