Uber Auto-Expense

Uber Auto-Expense

Helping File Uber Trips As Business Expenses so its a Uber Auto-Expense

Uber launched its ‘Business Profile’ feature in 2016, with the goal of separating work and personal rides for maximum convenience. The company recently announced a new feature within the Business Profile system: Auto-Expense — a feature which helps riders file their expense reports.

With Auto-Expense, passengers are able to link their Business Profiles to a registered ‘expense provider’ (such as Expensify, Concur, Certify, or Chrome River).

When a rider takes an Uber Trip within their Business Profile setting, a copy of their trip receipt will be sent to an expense provider for automatic reimbursement.

With Auto-Expense, Riders will Never Misplace or Forget an Expense Receipt

Submitting expense reports can be a time-consuming activity.

Moreover, even the most organized business professionals can easily misplace a travel or business receipt.

With Auto-Expense, professionals who are using Uber for business trips will never have to spend extra time searching for receipts — and will no longer need to worry about the possibility of paying (out-of-pocket) for business-expense trips.

How do I activate Auto-Expense on Uber Business Profiles?

Simply follow the steps outlined on the image guide below, which details the menu settings & email verification steps which will set-up Auto-Expense on your account.

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