Top Ten Best Cities to be an Uber Driver

Top Ten Best Cities to be an Uber Driver

Where do Uber drivers typically make the most money? Top Ten Best Cities to be an Uber Driver

According to Entrepreneur magazine, their list is a little different then ours.  One might think San Francisco and New York might be the cities to instantly jump to mind. That makes sense: Uber and Lyft both launched in San Francisco, and New York is filled with people who don’t own cars.

But there are other cities in the U.S. — like Washington, D.C., Boston, Atlanta and Seattle — where drivers for these companies have an opportunity to make bank. That’s according to some pretty nifty data analysis done by San Francisco-based Zen99, a financial software company that aims to help 1099 contract workers, particularly those in the sharing economy, organize their earnings and taxes.

New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, or Chicago? Check out our list of estimated Uber Driver Earnings below to find out.

1. New York City   $80,839
2. Pittsburgh, PA   $46,831
3. Phoenix, AZ   $45,926
4. Miami, FL   $45,583
5. San Francisco, CA   $45,090
6. Chicago, IL   $44,990
7. Austin, TX   $43,742
8. Portland, OR   $43,586
9. Sacramento, CA   $43,118
10. Philadelphia, PA   $43,024
(11. Seattle, WA   $41,340)

Note: Uber is currently not operation in the Austin, Texas market, however it’s high driver earnings pre-2016 placed it on the list. Because it technically is not an Uber market (at least for the moment), we’ve included a #11 (Seattle) to round out the list.

Some Other Factors Worth Noting:

While these 10 cities reportedly have the highest revenue totals for Uber drivers, it’s worth remembering that some cities have high ‘upfront costs’ (also known as fixed costs), which may detract from revenue earnings, or otherwise make Uber a better job for individuals who are willing to pursue it as a full-time commitment. This ill ultimately help you decide if these are truly the Top Ten Best Cities to be an Uber Driver.