Tips for UberPOOL Drivers: Explain the UberPool Process

What is the concept behind Uber Pool Drivers? So here are our Tips for UberPOOL Drivers. You’re not the only one going your way. Share your uberX car and driver with other riders, and you’ll share the cost. So everyone gets a guaranteed fare that’s the cheapest Uber option.

UberPOOL is available in these cities and moreTips for UberPOOL drivers

Uber San Francisco
Uber Boston
New York City
Uber Los Angeles

1. When driving for POOL, make sure to navigate using the Uber App (as opposed to Waze or Google Maps).
It is highly recommended that drivers navigate with the in-built Uber mapping app for uberPOOL trips. Any mapping systems will technically function adequately with uberPOOL, but the Uber app  is continuously-functioning (i.e., it doesn’t switch on & off) when POOL’s drop-off order changes. This makes it the most convenient option.

2. Always make sure to call your passengers when you arrive outside their pick-up locations
It’s recommended that drivers always call riders at each pickup spot. Because there are often passengers waiting in your vehicle, prompt passenger arrival is critical to ensuring good service on an UberPOOL trip. If drivers have waited for a total of TWO minutes, they are permitted to cancel the POOL trip and receive the associated cancellation fee.

3. Explain the POOL process & pricing basics to passengers.

Since uberPOOL pricing is complex, explaining how the POOL system works is sometimes helpful for new riders.

Before starting a trip, it’s worth checking with riders whether they ”are aware that they’re taking an uberPOOL trip?”, as opposed to an ordinary UberX ride.

Asking riders helps avoid problems and possible confusion.

Is there room for my luggage?

How long will it take to pick up another rider? The average time isn’t much at all?

I was picked up first—why was I dropped off second? Remember this, perhaps the co rider was in the midst of a shorter trip, and don’t forget Uber Only uses the shortest routes unless there is serious traffic issues.