UberPOOL vs. Lyft Line – Which Service Is Better?

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UberPOOL vs. Lyft Line - Which Service Is Better?

The competition regarding UberPOOL and Lyft Line is ongoing and indecisive. Both companies provide a rideshare feature that each have positives and negatives. Though both features and apps are so similar, UberPOOL and Lyft Line vary mainly in their pricing, how they disclose their costs and how many people are allowed in a car during a rideshare. Whatever the variance between the two apps, the rideshare features that both app uses is more cost effective than taking a regular Uber ride or a regular Lyft ride, even during PrimeTime/surge hours, simply because the cost is being shared.

According to Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber, UberPOOL (as well as Lyft Line) are the future of transportation, because they will cut down on traffic and CO2 emissions. The contributions drivers and riders will be making to economic and environmental aspects are definitely a bonus.


Lyft Line is generally more transparent in their cost. Before a rider even requests a Line, the price is set, entered into the app and and ready to be seen by the rider. Regardless of any other factors including traffic or number of riders, this cost is the guaranteed cost of the trip.

With UberPOOL, however, only offers an estimate cost. This estimate means that the price given to riders before their UberPOOL is not always the final price; it is merely an approximate range. Riders do not receive their final price until the end of the ride. This part of the feature can be frustrating for riders, especially in comparison to Lyft Line’s transparent cost.

Number of Riders

UberPOOL restricts the number of people that can use a ride only to the user requesting the ride. Lyft, however, allows two passengers per Lyft Line requests.

Although some differences are present, some variables differ due to a rider’s region. Even though it seems that Lyft Line is sometimes less pricey, UberPOOL could be 25-35% cheaper in another area. It all depends on the city, time of day and the demand for drivers.

Most importantly, it is crucial to try out both Lyft Line and UberPOOL for yourself. Both features have positive and negative aspects, but in the end, they are more about personal preference.

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Uber App 2017

Uber App 2017- The Ultimate Guide for Uber Drivers

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Uber App 2017- The Ultimate Guide for Uber Drivers

Since its initial release, the Uber app has certainly evolved. Now we have the Uber App 2017.

Uber App 2017

At first, the app was effectively used for one thing, and one thing only: to find & accept rides (i.e. remotely locate nearby drivers) and process final payments. 

Today, circa 2017, Uber’s App has expanded into a veritable portal of information & functions. Now, the App not only allows riders to access basic account information, but also offers a range of new valuable passenger-resources which may be useful for users who are actively on-the-road.

Uber App 2017This guide is intended to break down the Uber app, helping Uber riders enhance efficiency, achieve app fluency & and ensure total usability. Uber App 2017

Uber App Features — Here’s What You Need to Know

Although the Uber App may seem straightforward most of the time, life isn’t. You may run into fare issues, have questions about your pay, or any other aspects of your everyday role as an Uber driver. In that sense, you’ll want to know the Uber App in its totality — i.e., inside and out.

Here’s the Uber app explained — let’s break it down.

Home Tab

For drivers – take advantage of surge areas

Using your map, you can explore real-time surge activity to increase your earnings. On your home screen map, you will see where you are — and where surge areas are. One disadvantage of this is, you cannot see other drivers. Meaning, you may drive into a crowded area. To support your efforts, download the Uber Passenger App — allowing you to see some of the other drivers nearest to you.

Online status 

When you press the ‘ go online’ toggle button, you will do just that — go online. You’ll press this when you’re ready to receive requests and begin driving. If you are receiving an ‘error’ message, it could mean that your account has been deactivated. In that case, you’ll need to submit a question within the help center.

The latest news and info 

Uber’s announcement blog will also be found on the home screen, allowing you to better understand the most current information and up-to-date promotions. If you’re in-between rides, it doesn’t hurt to review this information so that you’re better prepared.

You will also see an area that shares announcements regarding the latest promotions — such as one-time bonuses for working certain days or times. Although this is a great place to look, it’s not always a comprehensive list. That is why it’s recommended that all drivers actively check all app messages and Uber-related emails.

Determine destination 

The destination filter feature can help you set a specific destination, only accepting ride requests when you’re heading in that general direction. After all, this makes the most sense in terms of your earnings. You can access this by pressing on the checklist icon, located in the upper-left hand corner of the home screen.

Please note: You can ONLY use this feature twice in one day, so use it wisely. Most drivers will use it during their commute period, as they head in and out of that day’s shift. As they’re on their way to work, or as they head home, they can then get paid rides during this period.

Earnings Tab 

Although you may enjoy what you do, we all work for one main reason — to make money. When you’re working hard, you’ll want to keep tabs on your earnings to make sure everything is accurate. Once you tab the earnings tab, you will see how much you’ve earned each day of the week. This information is displayed in a bar graph — making it easier to view.

Better yet, when you tap on each bar, you’ll see your earnings — and when clicking on each day’s value, you will see the breakdown of those earnings. Lastly, based on your schedule and earnings, you will see an estimated payout for the week, displayed at the bottom of the graph.

To maximize your earnings, you’ll also want to pay attention to any special announcements or promotions. This will be found under the earnings tab, showcasing bonuses and promotion-related news. If you want to stay on-top of these active promotions, continually check your app messages and Uber emails. Some other payment related features include:

  • Trip history — This is helpful when you want to view recent trips and their associated earnings. You’ll also want to check-in to your history to ensure that no issues have occurred with individual rides. To report an issue: Tap on the ride in question, then press the ‘Help’ button.
  • Statements — This will show a list of your payment statements. You can view this information in greater detail, including the promotions earned, earnings per day, etc. Once again, if you think something is wrong, click Earnings Help → Payment Review Request → My total payout is wrong.

Ratings Tab 

Your rating is very important, as you will need to maintain a 4.6 star rating in order to continue driving with Uber. Within this tab, you will see the number of 5-star ratings you have achieved, as well as the following three stats:

  1. Current rating — This is based on your 500 most recent rides.
  1. Acceptance rating — This is calculated based on ride requests accepted/ ride requests received. Although you can get a warning for a low acceptance rate, you will not get deactivated.
  1. Trips canceled — If you cancel too many rides, however, you can get deactivated.

You will also be able to view:

  • Ride compliments — Comments from your riders.
  • Driving rewards — These generally come in the form of small discounts, which can be used on third-party services. From H&R Block to Jiffy Lube, these services directly benefit Uber drivers.
  • Rider feedback — If a rider leaves a comment regarding issues such as navigation or safety, this is where you will see related feedback. Pay attention to these issues in order to improve your rating.
  • Pro Tips — You will be able to find informative articles here, including topics on how rating work and how surge works.

Account Tab 

As you might expect,uber app 2017  this will cover all topics related to your personal profile, your vehicle, payment methods, etc. If you do need to change any information, it’s best to do so on a PC — just makes editing easier. You will find the following under this tab:

  • Help — Whatever the issue may be, you will find an article to answer your questions. You can also access support messages, accessibility, payment issues, etc.
  • Waybill — This offers detailed information about your last trip, as well as insurance info for uber app 2017.
  • Payment —Enter new account info. If you want to edit pre-existing information, head over to vault.uber.com.
  • Documents — This will show you what documents are active. You can also upload new documents.
  • Settings — Manage your uber app 2017 settings related to contact, affiliations, navigation, and accessibility.
  • Music — This section offers optional features, including personalized music through the Pandora app.

You can learn more about the Uber app here. Learn as much as you can about each feature so that you can maximize both your efforts and earnings. Happy and safe driving!

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Uber IPO

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Uber IPO – Uber stock offering

Uber IPO

Uber’s recent sale of its UberChina division has increased speculation of a long-awaited Uber stock offering (IPO) — This Uber IPO is a milestone which was considered by many analysts to be months or even years away. Drive for Uber today – sign up at Uber.com

But now, following Uber’s recent announcement that the company will no longer be competitive in the Chinese rideshare market (Uber sold off all of its Chinese assets to rival firm Didi Chuxing for $5.3 Billion; acquiring a 17.7% stake in the company), speculation has mounted that an IPO could occur sometime in 2017 or 2018.

Why do many analysts believe an Uber IPO date has moved forward?uber requirements - Uber ipo

One of Uber’s stated reasons for not launching an IPO was that the company might be capable of continuous high-growth without going public.

Uber’s management aimed to stay private and consolidate its hold over the Asian market — effectively ensuring continued growth without sacrificing the flexibility of being a privately-held company.

However — now that Uber is no longer a major presence in the Chinese market, some analysts believe the company’s continued high-growth potential may have been significantly reduced.

As a potential rideshare growth market, China was still largely untapped (Uber China’s ride-total accounted for 40% of Uber’s overall traffic.) — making it Uber’s best chance to secure continual high-growth globally (now that the American urban market has reached near-saturation levels).

Meanwhile, market analysts expect rideshare North American growth to slow significantly over the next year. Will we see an Uber IPO?

So…how does this affect a potential Uber stock offering?

Currently, it is broadly assumed that Uber is rideshare ‘industry leader’ — an unbeatable company with few major industry threats on the horizon.

By moving to announce an IPO soon (while there is still widespread consensus on the subject of Uber’s market hegemony), Uber would effectively sidestep questions about emerging competitors; financial issues; and other concerns about the company’s long-term viability.

Uber would be capitalizing on the moment — mimicking past successful high-tech IPOs (Facebook; Google; Apple), who launched IPOs from a position of industry dominance and ultimately benefited (with the enduringly-strong stock values to prove it).

Why not wait longer to schedule an IPO?  

Waiting too long to schedule an IPO might expose Uber to less favorable market conditions — and see the company underperform stock price estimates.

Companies like Google and Facebook both scheduled IPOs in the midst of strong market conditions, inflating their stock prices and helping amass extremely high cash reserves.

If timed too far in the future, an Uber IPO could risk pitting the company against a wide range of new market challenges, including:

  • Increasingly-aggressive competitors (Lyft, Juno, Gett, etc), which have demonstrated a surprising ability to quickly raise investment capital and ‘scale up’ their rideshare fleets much faster than initially thought possible.
  • Increasing pressure from drivers for higher pay (leading to lower margins).
  • New regulatory challenges (Uber’s ‘independent contractor’ status for drivers continues to inspire resistance globally)
  • Market saturation in the West & developed world (i.e., slower growth, less-impressive financial returns, and more complex regulatory challenges as Uber seeks to take on rideshare in less-developed countries — a burdensome task with more risk; less reward).
  • Increased competition from sophisticated and highly-capitalized competitors in other fields (i.e., delivery services and food services), which expose some of the flaws in Uber’s stated ambition to become a world-class ‘logistics company’.

When will we know if Uber is going public?

Despite Uber’s recent decision to give up on the Chinese rideshare market, the company’s IPO plans are still firmly under wraps.

However, expect to hear increasing chatter about an upcoming IPO over the next few months — and be on the lookout for news emanating from a growing chorus of Uber’s pro-IPO private investors — many of whom will be increasingly nervous if an IPO stays off the table too long.

Uber still has over $10 billion in cash reserves — so there is no absolute need for the company to go public in the immediate future. However, many analysts increasingly see the prudence of going public while interest in Uber is sky-high, and during a period of strong global growth.

If you’re interested in learning more about buying Uber stock, check out our Uber Stock Guide here, which examines the pros and cons of purchasing Uber Stock, and assembles the evaluations of a range of industry experts on the subject of an Uber IPO.

Uber Startup Costs

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Uber Startup Costs

Uber Startup Costs & The Easiest Cities to Become an Uber Driver

Uber Startup Costs– Full City List

Uber recently commissioned a study to find out how easy it was to become an Uber in various cities across the globe, or Uber Startup Costs.

They analyzed 41 cities, many of them in the United States.

The higher the cost index score, the harder it was to become an Uber driver — in terms of both regulatory bureaucracy, cost, and time. See an article on Rideshare Upfront Costs here.

The lower the score, the easier; cheaper; and less risky it is to become a rideshare driver in a given city. Stockholm, Austin, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, and San Antonio emerged as the top 5 easiest cities to become an Uber driver.

Check out the full list here:

Uber Startup Scores by City

CITY                         COUNTRY               SCORE

Stockholm               Sweden                     0.01 1

Austin                      United States           0.03 2

Indianapolis           United States           0.03 2

Oklahoma City       United States           0.03 2

San Antonio            United States           0.03 2

Charlotte                 United States            0.03 2

Orlando                   United States            0.03 2

Boston                     United States            0.04 3

Phoenix                   United States             0.13 4

Orange County       United States            0.18 5

San Diego                United States            0.18 5

New Jersey             United States             0.23 6

Chicago                   United States             0.28 7

Salt Lake City        United States             0.31 8

Detroit                    United States             0.33 9

Baton Rouge         United States             0.33 10

Philadelphia         United States              0.35 11

Miami                    United States              0.38 12

Minneapolis         United States              0.43 13

Portland                United States              0.44 14

Auckland               New Zealand               0.46 15

Baltimore              United States               0.88 16

Wash. D.C.           United States               0.88 16

Seattle                   United States               0.94 17

Sydney                  Australia                        1.08 18

Denver                  United States                1.08 19

Toronto                Canada                           1.33 20

Columbus            United States                 1.4 21

Moscow                Russia                             1.44 22

San Francisco      United States                1.77 23

Los Angeles          United States                1.79 24

Dallas                    United States                 1.84 25

Las Vegas             United States                 2.39 26

Houston               United States                 2.43 27

Mexico City         Mexico                             8.55 28

London                United Kingdom             11.1 29

Manila                 Philippines                     13.42 30

Rio de Janeiro    Brazil                               19.34 31

Sao Paulo            Brazil                                19.34 31

Singapore            Singapore                         24.3 32

Paris                     France                             35.08 33

New York City   United States                    36.2 34

A score over 0.50 indicates a relatively onerous regulatory regime for prospective Uber drivers. Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Paris, and New York City round out the top five most difficult cities in the world to become an Uber driver.

Uber Contact E-mails and Websites for Uber Drivers

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Uber Contact E-mails and Websites for Uber Drivers

Uber Contact E-mails and Websites for Uber Drivers, Uber contacts for every city, updated weekly.

Uber Contact E-mails and Websites for Uber Drivers

Contact Uber E-mails and websites for Uber drivers


Birmingham, AL

  • support@uber.com
  • http://www.uberecpartners.com/bham/

Mobile, AL

  • partnersmobile@uber.com
  • http://www.gulfcoastuberpartners.com/mobile/

Tuscaloosa, AL

  • partnerstcl@uber.com


Anchorage, AL


Phoeniz, AZ

  • partnersphx@uber.com
  • phoenix.ubermovement.com/

Tuscon, AZ

  •  partnerstucson@uber.com
  •  http://tucson.ubermovement.com/

Flagstaff, AZ

  •  partnersflag@uber.com
  •  http://flagstaff.ubermovement.com/

Yuma, AZ

  •  http://yuma.ubermovement.com/


Little Rock, AR

  •  partnerslrk@uber.com
  •  http://www.uberecpartners.com/little-rock/

Fayetteville, AR

  •  partnersfyv@uber.com
  •  http://www.uberecpartners.com/fayetteville-ar/


Bakersfield, CA

  • partners.bakersfield@uber.com
  • bakersfield.ubermovement.com

Inland Empire, CA

  • partnersie@uber.com
  • inlandempire.ubermovement.com

Fresno, CA

  • partners.fresno@uber.com

Los Angeles, CA:

  • partnersla@uber.com
  • losangeles.ubermovement.com

Orange County, CA

  • partnersoc@uber.com
  • orangecounty.ubermovement.com

Palm Springs, CA

  • partnerspalm@uber.com
  • http://palmsprings.ubermovement.com/

San Francisco, CA

  • support@uber.com
  • http://sanfrancisco.ubermovement.com/

San Diego, CA

  • partnersSD@uber.com
  • http://sandiego.ubermovement.com/

San Luis Obispo, CA

  • partnersSLO@uber.com
  • http://sanluisobispo.ubermovement.com/

Ventura, CA

  • partners.ventura@uber.com
  • http://ventura.ubermovement.com/


Denver, CO

  • partnersdenver@uber.com
  • http://uberxcolorado.com/

Boulder, CO

  • http://uberxcolorado.com/

Ft. Collins, CO

  • http://uberxcolorado.com/

Colorado Springs, CO

  • http://uberxcolorado.com/

The Colorado Mountains

  • http://uberxcolorado.com/



  • partnersconn@uber.com
  • http://www.driveuberconn.com/



  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/uber_delaware


Miami, FL

  • partnersmiami@uber.com
  • http://ubersouthflorida.com/

Daytona Beach, FL

  • http://uberflpartners.com/daytona-demand/

Ft. Meyers/Naples, FL

  • http://uberflpartners.com/ft-myers-naples-1/

Gainesville/ Ocala, FL

  • partnersgvl@uber.com
  • http://uberflpartners.com/gainesville-demand/

Jacksonville, FL

  • partnersjax@uber.com
  • http://uberflpartners.com/jacksonville/

The Florida Keys

  • http://uberflpartners.com/keys/

Orlando, FL

  • partnersorl@uber.com
  • http://uberflpartners.com/orl-demand/

Pensacola, FL

  • http://uberflpartners.com/pensacola-demand/

Sarasota, FL

  • http://uberflpartners.com/sarasota/

Space Coast, FL

  • http://uberflpartners.com/space-coast-demand/

Treasure Coast, FL

  • http://uberflpartners.com/treasure-coast-demand/

Tallahassee, FL

  • partnerstal@uber.com
  • http://uberflpartners.com/tal-demand/

Tampa Bay, FL

  • partnerstampa@uber.com
  • http://uberflpartners.com/tampa-bay/


Atlanta, GA

  • partnersatl@uber.com
  • http://www.uberatlpartners.com/

Augusta, GA

  • partnersAGS@uber.com
  • http://www.uberecpartners.com/augusta/

Savannah/ Hilton Head, GA

  • partnersSAV@uber.com
  • http://www.uberecpartners.com/savannah-hilton-head/


Honolulu, HI

  • partnershonolulu@uber.com
  • http://honolulu.ubermovement.com/

Maui, HI

  • partners.maui@uber.com
  • http://maui.ubermovement.com/


Boise, ID

  • http://boise.ubermovement.com/

Coeur D’Alene, ID

  • http://coeurdalene.ubermovement.com/


Chicago, IL

  •  partnerschicago@uber.com
  •  http://www.uberpartnerschicago.com/


Indianapolis, IN

  • partnersindianapolis@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/in/cities/indianapolis/

Bloomington, IN

  • partnersindiana@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/in/cities/bloomington/

South Bend, IN

  • partnerssouthbend@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/in/cities/south-bend/

West Lafayette, IN

  • partnersindiana@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/in/west-lafayette/

Ft. Wayne, IN

  • partnersindiana@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/in/fort-wayne/

Muncie, IN

  • partnersindiana@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/in/muncie/

Northwest Indiana

  • partnersindiana@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/in/northwest-indiana/


Des Moines, IA

  • partnersdesmoines@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/ia/cities/des-moines/

Cedar Rapids, IA

  • partnerscedarrapids@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/ia/cities/cedar-rapids/





Baton Rouge, LA

  • partnersbtr@uber.com
  • http://www.gulfcoastuberpartners.com/baton-rouge/

New Orleans, LA

  • partnersnola@uber.com
  • http://www.gulfcoastuberpartners.com/new-orleans/

Lafayette, LA

  • partnerslaf@uber.com
  • http://www.gulfcoastuberpartners.com/lafayette/


Portland, ME

  • partnersPDM@uber.com
  • http://www.uberecpartners.com/maine/

Greater Maine

  • partnersmaine@uber.com
  • http://www.uberecpartners.com/greater-maine/


Baltimore, MD

  • partnersmaryland@uber.com
  • http://www.uberpartnersmd.com/

Annapolis, MD

  • partnersmaryland@uber.com
  • http://www.uberpartnersmd.com/

Greater Maryland

  • partnersmaryland@uber.com
  • http://www.uberpartnersmd.com/


Boston, MA

  • partnersboston@uber.com
  • http://driveuberbos.com/

Western MA

  • partnersWMA@uber.com
  • http://www.uberecpartners.com/western-ma/

Worcester, MA

  • partners.worcester@uber.com
  • http://driveuberne.com/


Detroit, MI

  • partnersdetroit@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/mi/cities/detroit/

Flint, MI

  • partners.flint@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/mi/cities/flint/

Ann Arbor, MI

  • partnersAnnArbor@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/mi/cities/ann-arbor/

Grand Rapids, MI

  • partnersgrandrapids@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/mi/cities/grand-rapids/

Lansing, MI

  • partnerslansing@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/mi/cities/lansing/

Kalamazoo, MI

  • partnerskalamazoo@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/mi/cities/kalamazoo/


Minneapolis, MN

  • partnersmsp@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/mn/twin-cities/


Jackson, MS

  • partnersJMS@uber.com
  • http://www.uberecpartners.com/jackson/

Gulfport/Biloxi, MS

  • partnersgpt@uber.com
  • http://www.gulfcoastuberpartners.com/gulfportbiloxi/

Oxford, MS

  • partners.oxford@uber.com


Kansas City, MO

  • partnerskc@uber.com
  • http://ubermissouri.com/kansascity/

Columbia, MO

  • partnerscomo@uber.com
  • http://ubermissouri.com/como/

St. Louis, MO

  • partnersstl@uber.com
  • http://ubermissouri.com/stl/




Lincoln, NE

  • partnerslincoln@uber.com
  • http://ubernebraska.com/lincoln/

Omaha, NE

  • partners.omaha@uber.com
  • http://ubernebraska.com/omaha/


Las Vegas, NV

Reno, NV

  • partnersreno@uber.com
  • http://reno.ubermovement.com/

New Hampshire

New Hampshire

  • partnersMNH@uber.com
  • http://www.uberecpartners.com/new-hampshire/

New Jersey

New Jersey

  • partnersNJ@uber.com
  • http://www.driveubernj.com/

New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM

  • partnersABQ@uber.com
  • http://albuquerque.ubermovement.com/

New York

New York City, NY

  • partnersny@uber.com
  • http://driveubernyc.com/

North Carolina

Asheville, NC

  • partnersASH@uber.com
  • http://www.uberecpartners.com/asheville/

Raleigh-Durham, NC

  • partners.raleigh@uber.com
  • http://www.raleighuberpartners.com/

Fayetteville, NC

  • partnersFAY@uber.com
  • http://www.uberecpartners.com/fayetteville-nc/

Eastern North Carolina

  • partnersENC@uber.com
  • http://www.uberecpartners.com/eastern-north-carolina/

Outer Banks, NC

  • partnersOBX@uber.com
  • http://www.uberecpartners.com/outer-banks/

Piedmont Triad, NC

  • partnersGSO@uber.com
  • http://www.uberecpartners.com/thetriad/

Wilmington, NC

  • partnersWNC@uber.com
  • http://www.uberecpartners.com/wilmington/

Charlotte, NC

North Dakota

Fargo, ND


Akron, OH

  • partnersakron@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/oh/cities/akron/

Cincinnati, OH

  • partnerscincinnati@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/oh/cities/cincinnati/

Cleveland, OH

  • partnerscleveland@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/oh/cities/cleveland/

Colombus, OH

  • partnerscolumbus@uber.com
  • https://drive.uber.com/oh/cities/columbus/

Dayton, OH

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Toledo, OH

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Oklahoma City, OK

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  • http://oklahomauber.com/okc/

Tulsa, OK

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Stillwater, OK


Portland, OR

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Philadelphia, PA

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Pittsburgh, PA

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Erie, PA

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Harrisburg, PA

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Lancaster, PA

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Lehigh Valley, PA

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Reading, PA

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State College, PA

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Wilkes-Barre Scranton, PA

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Rhode Island

Rhode Island

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South Carolina

Charleston, SC

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Columbia, SC

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Myrtle Beach, SC

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South Dakota

South Dakota


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West Virginia


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Uber Bakersfield

Uber Bakersfield

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Uber Bakersfield is becoming a Rideshare staple in Bakersfield is growing rapidly in popularity.

There are three main rideshare services (Uber Bakersfield application)currently offered in the Bakersfield area:

1. UberX (a low-cost option which seats up to four passengers. UberX is the most widespread and basic option in Uber’s portfolio of services)
2. UberASSIST (a service offering assistance to people with general disabilities and seniors. Personnel are provided by the Open Doors Organization.)
3. UberWAV (a wheelchair-accessible service, where vehicles are equipped with hydraulic lifts and ramps).

uber signup for Uber BakersfieldThe rates for Bakersfield, CA:

Base Fare: $1.1
Per Minute: $0.17
Per Mile: $0.80
Cancellation Fee: $5
Service Fee: $1.85

Base Fare: $1.10
Per Minute: $0.17
Per Mile: $0.80
Cancellation Fee: $5
Service Fee: $1.85

Base Fare: $1.10
Per Minute: $0.17
Per Mile: $0.80
Cancellation Fee: $5
Service Fee: $1.85

How to Become an Uber Driver in Bakersfield

UberX/XL requirements:

  • Driver must be at least 21 years of age
  • Drivers aged 21 or 22 must have (at minimum) 3 years of valid licensing in the USA
  • Drivers aged 23 (and up) must have at least one year of valid licensing in the USA
  • Drivers must provide valid CA driver’s license.
  • Drivers must pass a screening process (details below)
  • Drivers must have an accepted vehicle (check below for additional info)

UberX/XL Vehicle Requirements:

As a company, Uber doesn’t own or operate any vehicles (all Uber Vehicles are driver-owned or leased). If you want to drive for Uber, you have to use your own private vehicle.

  • Your vehicle must have 4 doors (which open independently).
  • Your vehicle must be from the year 2005 or newer
  • You must have a clean title (no salvage vehicles are allowed).
  • Your vehicle must be In excellent condition (cosmetically & mechanically).
  • Your vehicle cannot be a former taxi vehicle, or large van.

For UberXL:

  • All of the points listed above apply equally to XL.
  • All XL vehicles must seat the driver AND at least 6 additional passengers

UberX/XL document requirements:

All Uber drivers must provide these documents for their Uber account to be officially activated:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Vehicle Registration

Background Check/Screening Process:

  • Once your driver’s license has been submitted and approved, you will be asked to enter your social security number in the Driver Dashboard system. This will allow new drivers to undergo a background screening process.

California Driver’s License:

  • Your driver’s license should clearly show Issue Date, Your license number, Your Date of Birth (you must be 21 Years of Age (or older) to be an Uber Driver), and your license Expiry Date.


Vehicle Registration:



Inspection forms:


Vehicle Inspection

You can get your vehicle inspected at several locations in the Bakersfield area — check with your local Support or Partner Activation center to get specific locations which may offer you a discount on inspections: partners.bakersfield@uber.com

Trade Dress:

In Bakersfield (as well as the entire state of California), you must display ‘Trade Dress’ in the form of the Uber ‘U’, clearly in the window of your vehicle. Failure to display Trade Dress risks incurring a $1000 fine.

Proper display is demonstrated in the graphic below:


If you need an Uber U, you can print one out using on the Uber website

Interested in becoming a driver in Bakersfield?  Bonus cash for Uber Drivers in Bakersfield with our code.

uber power driving

Uber’s Power Driver Rewards

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Uber’s Power Driver Rewards , what is it?

Uber’s Power driver rewards program (PDRP) first emerged in 2015, when Uber decided to ‘match’ a program introduced by rideshare rival Lyft — which had begun offering its rideshare drivers a basic incentive/rewards program. Want to drive for Lyft go to Lyft.com and use my referal code now fort up to $750 cash back.


Up to $500 sign-up bonus for Uber with my referral.uber's power driving

Up to $750 sign-up bonus for Lyft  with my referral.

Uber’s power driver rewards functioned as follows — for drivers who completed an extra 80 or 100 trips per week, an additional 10 percent and 20 percent profit was added to their revenue totals (for drivers within the San Francisco Bay area).

The Uber Power Driver Rewards program was met with some enthusiasm by SF Bay-area drivers, and was ultimately transitioned into an evolved, limited-time incentive system called Power Driver Plus.

How did Uber’s Power Driver Rewards Program Work?

Essentially, PDRP was a program that rewarded drivers who completed additional trips each week — drivers received a bonus of 10 to 20 percent (on top of their regular rate). Facing stiff competition from emerging rideshare companies, Uber became increasingly aware that they needed to offer new incentive systems to existing partners (especially due to the coast-to-coast slashed rates that were introduced in January). Basically, they launched a nearly-identical promotion to Lyft’s Power Driver Bonus.

As stated on Uber’s site — as of April 4th, Uber’s Power Driver Rewards program fully transitioned to what is now called Power Driver Plus. For a limited time, drivers have an opportunity to earn an extra $500.

So — what are the requirements and how do you earn the full $500?

Uber’s power driver rewards -Power Driver Plus — Is It Worth Looking Into?

It’s clear that Uber and Lyft’s rewards programs are promotional attempts by each company to outflank the other— continually matching one another’s offers and revenue-incentives. At the end of the day: both companies always need more drivers — and robust incentive systems are considered an attractive prospect for new rideshare drivers.

Power Driver Plus awards drivers (both full and part-time) cash bonuses after the successful completion of a set number of trips. The PDP system essentially functions as follows:

  • Drive an additional 30 trips — earn $50 extra
  • Drive an additional 50 trips — earn $100 extra
  • Drive an additional 80 trips — earn $225 extra
  • Drive an additional 100 trips — earn $350 extra
  • Drive an additional 120 trips — earn $500 extra

Power Driver Plus offers a bonus based on the average value that drivers earned during the original Power Driver Rewards Program.

Currently, PDRP is being offered only in San Francisco and Los Angeles — and, while the program is accessible to some, not all qualify.

How Do I Qualify?

Firstly, you must be local to an area where PDP is available. Since Uber is currently offering the PDP program exclusively in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, it won’t be available to drivers in other locations — and, it’s still unclear whether Uber has plans to expand its rewards program into other markets.

As outlined by Uber, in order to be eligible for Ubers power driver rewards, you must:

  • Maintain a 75 percent acceptance rate over all hours driven (in some cases, this has been a 90 percent acceptance rate)
  • At this time, there are no peak hour requirements — trips during all hours will count for Ubers power driver rewards.
  • Trips must be completed between Monday at 4:00 AM PST and Monday 3:59 PST
  • No more than 5 rides given to the same passenger will count
  • Only uberX partners are eligible, however, uberPOOL, uberX, uberXL, uberSELECT, EATS, and RUSH/delivery trips will also count towards the Power Driver Plus program
  • Eligible drivers will receive an email or SMS message

If you’re unsure whether or not you qualify for Ubers power driver rewards, simply reach out to Uber. Express your interest and inquire about new promotions in your area. Promotions vary widely, depending on the city. No matter where you live, it’s important to look into your options (*there may be bonuses you’re unaware, especially those offered on a temporary/trial basis in certain locations).

And finally — for new and existing rideshare drivers: it’s always worth communicating interest in Rewards Programs — the more drivers share positive feedback & express demand for incentive systems with Uber’s Support Team, the more likely Uber HQ is to adopt a strong, widespread (and permanent) rewards system across North America, and beyond. Uber’s power driver rewards is just another great adaptation for Uber.