Uber Loyalty Program

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Uber Loyalty Program

Uber Loyalty Program

Does Uber have a Uber loyalty program for riders? The type of reward program that airline customers sign up for (like Frequent Flyer Miles or Aeroplan rewards)?

Pilot Phase

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As of yet, Uber has no official loyalty program. The company currently does offer UberVIP, but the VIP system does not yet offer loyalty-rewards points which can be put towards future ride-purchases or trip discounts (i.e., it does not technically qualify as a loyalty program).

However, in late Spring 2016, Uber began testing a points-based rewards program in Los Angeles that strongly resembled a loyalty program.

How does the Uber Loyalty Program work?uber signup

The system, which is in a pilot phase, reward UberBLACK riders with points, depending on how frequently they use the UberBLACK service.

Every UberBLACK trip = 200 points (regardless of distance or trip duration).

3000 points = $25 Uber credit, which can be put towards a free ride.

In essence, you can look at the loyalty program as a simple system where 15 UberBLACK rides gives riders 1 Free Uber Ride.

Is it Worth It?

The Los Angeles Uber Loyalty Program is Uber’s first (and most substantial) loyalty program in the Western United States. The program is meant to incentive UberBLACK passengers to keep using the more premium (and more expensive) service, which has seen its overall ridership decline with the expansion of UberX.

The loyalty program is likely a good step towards improving ridership.

The average UberBLACK trip is between $35 and $45. Fifteen rides means you’re spending between $525 – $675, but ultimately saving $25. This equates to a 4-5% discount on your Uber trips.

If you’re a frequent user, taking over 60 rides per month, you will be saving over $100 per month — which is not insubstantial.

Will the Loyalty Program Expand?

As of now, it’s unclear whether Uber intends to expand its loyalty program to multiple cities, or reward UberX riders (as opposed to just UberBLACK passengers).

Part of the reason for the lack of a robust Uber passenger-rewards/loyalty program is that demand for Uber rides is already extremely high — the company is growing at an extraordinary rate, and (as of yet) there is no major reason to institute a strong incentive program to increase ridership in most markets.

However, as the company’s recent experimentation in Los Angeles suggests, it’s highly probable that some form of Uber Loyalty Program emerges in the near future, in order to keep users loyal to Uber and make sure they continue to patronize the company rather than begin using the services of one of its many rivals.