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uber for businessUber for Business

Uber for Business

How to use Uber for Business:

Many of Uber’s customers use Uber for business trips. Are you using Uber for Business? You can keep better track of Uber business trips by activating Business Profiles on your Uber App.

Uber for Business Trips 

Uber recently introduced Business Profiles — allowing people using Uber for Business to organize business expenses and file taxes by keeping a separate accounting of their Uber Business trips.

The ride sharing giant shares more details on its service aimed at companies with business travelers.

Uber’s push to make its ride service easier to use for corporate customers is making headway as people want to give up the  time-consuming process to find old receipts and remember which Uber trips were business-related.

Uber Business’s Business Profiles features: 

When riders are prompted to select whether a ride is Business or Personal, they should select BUSINESS – which enacts a selection of Uber For Business features, including:

  • If a business-based credit card is on an account for fee-paying purposes, the correct card will always be charged (riders personal credit & debit cards will never be charged).
  • Uber Business passengers will receive a ‘business receipt’ in their email inbox (streamlining the process of  finding business receipts).
  • Users can put together weekly & monthly travel tallies — ultimately saving time & energy by letting Uber organize comprehensive summaries of a passenger’s business travel history.
  • Uber’s senior vice president of business, Emil Michael, told Fortune that a broad range of businesses is signing up for the service, including finance giants like Goldman Sachs and Bank of America. Mid-size businesses are also participating, he added. (Goldman is an investor in Uber.)

    Uber doesn’t offer businesses a discount or charge them an additional fee for using the service. Uber’s rival, Lyft, has a similar program for businesses.

    Integrating with Uber and Business lets employees avoid charging their rides to their personal or corporate credit cards. Instead, all Uber bills go to a single business account.