Uber Business Profiles

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Uber Business Profiles

Uber Business Profiles

Many of Uber’s passengers use the service for both business trips, as well as personal use.Uber Business Profiles has be launched as a new system for keeping track of business-related Uber trips.

Uber Business Profiles is helping passengers simplify their expense records. When it comes to filing taxes and organizing business expenses, it can be a time-consuming and inefficient process to track-down receipts and remember which Uber trips were business-related.

Uber Unveils Business Profiles — A Way of Separating Business Trips from Regular Trips

In Spring 2016, Uber introduced Business Profiles — removing uncertainties and inefficiencies of business-related expense tracking by integrating a simple feature into Uber’s existing app.

New Features available within Business Profiles: 

  • When riders are prompted to select whether a ride is Business or Personal, they unleash a variety of convenient features which kick in when ‘Business’ is selected:
    If a business-card is specified, the correct card is always charged (your personal card will not be charged).
  • Users receive a work receipt in their email email (simplifying the process of organizing and finding business receipts).
  • Business Profiles lets users put together weekly (or monthly) travel tallies — ultimately saving time & energy by letting Uber organize comprehensive summaries of a passenger’s business travel history.