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Uber offers a reasonably large array of options throughout the Chicago Area, Uber Requirements Chicago includes:


  1. UberX (a low-cost option which seats up to four passengers).
  2. UberXL (a low-cost ride which seats up to six passengers)
  3. UberBLACK (a premium option which seats up to four passengers, and utilizes high-end black cars with all-black interiors)
  4. UberSELECT (a similar service to UberBLACK — however, SELECT vehicles do not have to be black. SELECT is a more upscale service than UberX, but is still a cheaper option than BLACK. SELECT vehicles seat up to four passengers)..
  5. UberSUV (a premium SUV option which seats up to six passengers)
  6. UberCAB (a service in which you can book a local taxi cab via Uber’s smartphone app).
  7. UberESPANOL (a service where drivers are guaranteed to speak Spanish. Vehicles seat up to four passengers).

The current rates for Uber Requirements Chicago  services are as follows:

Base Fare: $1.70
Per Minute: $0.20
Per Mile: $0.90
Cancellation Fee: $5
Service Fee: $1.20

Base Fare: $3
Per Minute: $0.35
Per Mile: $1.75
Cancellation Fee: $5
Service Fee: $1.20

Base Fare: $7
Per Min: $0.40
Per Mile: $3.50
Cancellation Fee: $10
Service Fee: $0

Base Fare: $14
Per Minute: $0.55
Per Mile: $4.05
Cancellation Fee: $10
Service Fee: $0

Base Fare: $4
Per Minute: $0.35
Per Mile: $2.00
Cancellation Fee: $5
Service Fee: $1.20

Base Fare: $3.25
Per Minute: $0.33
Per Mile: $2.25
Cancellation Fee: $5
Service Fee: $0

Base Fare: $1.70
Per Minute: $0.20
Per Mile: $0.90
Cancellation Fee: $5
Service Fee: $1.20

How to Become an Uber Driver in Chicago

UberX/XL requirements:

Driver must be at least 21 years of age
Drivers must provide valid IL driver’s license.
Drivers must pass a full state & federal screening
Drivers must have an accepted vehicle (check below for additional info)
UberX/XL Vehicle Requirements:

As a company, Uber doesn’t own or operate any vehicles (all Uber Vehicles are driver-owned or leased). If you want to drive for Uber, you have to use your own private vehicle.

Your vehicle must have 4 doors (which open independently).
Your vehicle must be from the year 2001 or newer (*15 years or less, counting from the current year.)
You must have a clean title (no salvage vehicles are allowed).
Your vehicle must be In excellent condition (cosmetically & mechanically).
Your vehicle cannot be a former taxi vehicle, or large van.
For UberXL:

All of the points listed above apply equally to XL.
All XL vehicles must seat the driver AND at least 6 additional passengers
UberX/XL document requirements:
All Uber drivers must provide these documents for their Uber account to be officially activated:
Valid driver’s license
Vehicle Registration
Vehicle Insurance (vehicular insurance must list a vehicle & driver’s name directly on the policy document itself)
Chicago Ordinance Requirements (5 specific city requirements, details below). These documents are necessary for UberX, XL, and UberSELECT drivers.
Driver’s License

Your driver’s license should clearly show these items:

License Issue Date
Your license number
Your Date of Birth (DOB). You must be 21 Years of Age (or older) to be an Uber Driver
License Expiry Date

Your registration must be current, not expired, must show your VIN (as well as make & model, which should be the same as on your insurance forms). Registration documents in Chicago DO NOT have to have your name on them.


Your insurance is permitted to be from out of state.


Chicago Ordinance Requirements:

Since 2014, the City of Chicago has instituted 5 requirements for Uber drivers, which must ALWAYS be displayed while driving for Uber:

  1. Yearly Vehicle Inspection. Your car must be inspected by a certified mechanic, and a copy of that inspection form must be uploaded to your dashboard. The City of Chicago requires that you keep the completed, certified inspection form in your vehicle at all times.

You can download a form HERE.

Inspection Locations:

Here is a list of locations:

1401 W. North Avenue, Chicago  (Mon-Fri 9am-5om, Saturday 9am-2pm)

1001 W 115th Street, West Pullman (Mon-Fri 9am-5om)

4609 W. Belmont Avenue, Belmont PSC  (Mon-Fri 9am-5om)

Price: $20

  1. Front Sign (Trade Dress)

You must display an Uber logo on your vehicle. Proper display is illustrated here:

You will be given a logo at the activation center — or, alternatively, you can print off an Uber U using this link.

  1. You must also put a REAR sign on your vehicle. It should be placed on your passenger-side rear windshield. It is NOT another Uber U – rather, it is a placard related to the airport. You can print off a sign HERE.
  2. Uber Identification (Uber ID)

The Uber ID is a digital record, which includes a driver’s picture and name.

  1. City Emblem

A City Emblem is a document that shows vehicle information. Upon becoming a driver, you will get an email from cserv@cityofchicago.org that has a link to the emblem. New drivers will also receive a City Emblem via email within one day, and a physical City Emblem (via mail) in four days or less.
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VW searches for more income from ride-hailing apps, rideshare driver flexibility companies

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VW searches for more income from ride-hailing apps, rideshare driver flexibility companies

The advent of mobile phones has fundamentally transformed customer expectations, with tourists looking for to link to different methods of transportation via applications.vw uber

” In future, our core item plan to not be merely the automobile,” Mueller stated. “Our core product, our assurance to clients, is mobility.”

He added: “The times when we assumed that the globe revolves around Wolfsburg are record.”

Teamwork with Gett could result in business versions including car sharing, limo rides and taxi services in the fast-growing ride-hailing market– which in Europe alone could yield 10 billion euros ($ 11.2 billion) of sales by 2025 and also can expand greater than 30 percent yearly, VW CEO Matthias Mueller spokened.

Yet VW’s competitors are not standing idly by. Toyota Motor Corp. recently claimed it would invest in movement business Uber Technologies Inc. while General Motors spent $500 million in Lyft, Uber’s main U.S. opponent.

Mueller on Wednesday vowed that VW– following its diesel emissions cheating detraction– intend to open up to new financial investments as well as collaborations such as with Gett.

VW has long disregarded alternative mobility concepts unlike its German opponents Daimler and BMW who have for years been running their very own car-sharing operations.

Europe’s largest automaker intend to this month introduce a new company strategy focused on enhancing accountability and also accelerating design growth, with higher financial investments in electric autos, brand-new technologies and mobility companies amongst the crucials, company sources have said.

The expanding variety of deals shows the need by car manufacturers to stay clear of coming to be onlookers if a significant variety of customers around the globe prefer to bypass automobile ownership and also buy transport by the mile or the minute.

” Through this collaboration, we’re obtaining access to 100 million VW consumers,” Gett owner and also CEO Shahar Weiser stated.

VW, which published $237.90 billion in revenue last year, on Wednesday authorized a participation deal with ride-hailing company Gett after revealing a $300 million investment in the company last week.

” Volkswagen currently is not the same as Volkswagen prior to I became CEO” in September 2015, Mueller claimed, indicating the group is willing to increase beyond manufacturing and also offering vehicles as a means to expand its allure with consumers.

Mueller: “The times when we believed that the world revolves around Wolfsburg are history.”
BERLIN– Volkswagen is considering on-demand mobility solutions such as smartphone trip hailing to gain a “notable share” of future profits as the carmaker pushes a critical change following its exhausts rumor, its magnate said.

Volkswagen and also Gett decreased to disclose the monetary terms of their contract.

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