Best Dashboard Apps for Uber Drivers

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Best Dashboard Apps for Uber Drivers

Dashboard Apps – Dashboard Replacement Apps

Best Dashboard Apps for Uber Drivers – If your car doesn’t have a flashy in-built dashboard, there’s a way to get a similar level of functionality but for a much lower price, by using your a dashboard app on your smartphone.

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1. iCarMode

Best Dashboard Apps for Uber Drivers

iCarMode is an app which allows drivers to use a dashboard-mounted iPhone safely and effectively. For older-generation vehicles, iCarMode is a great alternative to modern & next-generation built-in dashboard consoles —giving drivers the same basic tools, but at an extremely low price-point.uber sign up Best Dashboard Apps for Uber Drivers

iCarMode features a distinctive, large-buttoned display — rendering it an easy-to-use system for phoning contacts, reading a map, turning on the radio, or accessing your music library. It also also has a convenient ‘night-vision’ feature, which makes it effective in dim lighting.

iCarMode includes built-in app shortcuts (such as Audible, or Spotify), making it extra easy to use when employing various apps, or adjusting music selections (saving drivers the hassle of navigating through small, intricate phone menus).

Price: iCarMode is available for download for $1.99.

2. Dashdroid

Dashdroid is a simple, stripped-down Android-based dashboard replacement system.

Dashdroid has only eight buttons, arranged around a central display, which can be programmed to feature a variety of information (weather, time & date, speed). Users can customize & choose buttons for highly-used apps.

Dashdroid responds to voice command, making it a safe choice & allowing driver’s to keep their hands on the wheel at all times.

Price: Free.

3. AutoMate

Many new vehicles come equipped with dashboards featuring Android Auto connectivity.

But, for drivers who can’t afford the option of buying a whole new car with an advanced dashboard features (or for drivers who simply want to save some money) Automate is a good option — it brings a pared-down user interface to Android tablets and phones and provides some strong dashboard functionality.

Automate automatically detects power via Bluetooth connectivity, USB, or Wi-Fi connection.

AutoMate has voice control options, and easily integrates with music apps, Google Maps, messaging, and phone calls.AutoMate lets drivers automate functions (power off & on, close down applications; shut down communications, etc).

Price: Free (for basic options).

$3.17 unlocks advanced features, like hands-free gesture functionality, traffic camera alerts and other features..

4. Automatic

Automatic has a high price ($99), but it also manages to transform ordinary vehicles into much more ‘connected’ cars (especially compared to CarPlay or Android Auto).

Automatic track trip expenses, as well as miles per gallon.

The app will also notify drivers if they have been braking too aggressively, as well as offering parking reminders.

Get the feeling of a fancy built in dashboard by using your a dashboard app on your smartphone – see our best dashboard apps for Uber drivers.